For Families & Guardians


What a courageous decision you have made to seek out help for your loved one! We are committed and dedicated to helping your client reach goals, get out of the system if appropriate and become more independent.

We work to be transparent in all we do. Your questions and concerns are always welcome. The Program Directors and Executive Director contact information is available here.

We have handbooks available for clients that explain some of our basic rules. Of course everything couldn’t be explained but we encourage you to become familiar with its contents.​ We also encourage you to follow us on social media or on our blog.

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Our 4 Promises

We have three promises we make to each client and their family:



Frequently Asked Questions For Transitions Group Homes


When can I see my child?

We believe that family is important. It is not our goal to replace you, but work along with you. As long as the treatment team (legal guardian, court, therapist, guardian ad litem) agree you may see your youth at any time. We recommend no more than 1-2 times a week and it must fit in with the group home schedule.

Can my child have money?

Yes. We only ask that parents and guardians give the money for staff to keep locked in the safe. Your youth will not need much money as most of his or her needs will be taken care of by the group home.

What happens if my child’s items are stolen or lost?

We will do an inventory immediately upon arrival and we update it every time your youth gains new items. We also have a no borrowing rule that decreases issues. We will conduct a search of the home for your youth’s items. After investigating if the item is lost there isn’t a lot that can be done, however if it is stolen and has not been loaned out or lost, we will work to replace the item.

What happens if my child does not do well on a home pass?

We encourage you to call us. We will want to help you first in establishing consequences and setting limits to see if this will resolve the issue. If it does not your child may return to the program.

Can I still be involved with the care of my child?

Of course. We are not wanting to replace you, just assist in helping your young person get back on track. Parents may attend doctor appointments, parent teacher conferences, family team meetings, school programs and etc as long as the court approves.

Will you transport to and from visits?

Within a 25 mile radius we do as long as it fits in the schedule of the home. We can also meet parents at Mahoney Park for visits in Lincoln, NE.

Do I have to pay if my child damages something in the home?

If your child damages something, they will be held responsible. You as the parent will not.

Can my child have a cell phone or internet access?

Once your youth moves to the Weekly Point system, absolutely. We only need permission from the treatment team.