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Family Support

Gay Family

Developmental Disabilities

Family Support Programs

Family Support Services

Child Parent Psychotherapy

Our goal is to help families stay together. We work with parents and kids - offering mental health services, assistance and building parenting skills to create a more stable and safe environment for the family.  Our family support program works with the parents and caregivers who want to become better – who recognize they need growth and are willing to do the work to improve. Our programs teach parents and caregivers how to build trust, maintain respect and develop a relationship with their kids. Sometimes this involves learning the basics of parenting and sometimes it is helping parents navigate the complex judicial process, but in every interaction, we are there to help.

Family Support Services: Family support partners empower and reunite families, build support systems, access community resources, make better parenting choices, and begin to heal.


Child Parent Psychotherapy: Weekly therapy services and resources that help young children and families recover and heal after stressful and traumatic events.

Parent Coaching Courses: An eight-week mindfulness based and culturally inclusive parenting class specifically designed for families impacted by trauma and stress.

Parent Coaching Classes

Developmental Disabilities Programs

Best Friends

Family Support Services

Our unique Best Friends program assigns each person with a trained staff member who develops skill building exercises that enhance their strengths and builds upon their needs. A person-centered plan is created to provide family living services to help youth and adults live as independently as possible while working on their goals. Services include teaching skills and providing supervision so individuals learn to feed themselves, adopt personal hygiene skills and grow in their communication. Community is a big part of this program too, our Best Friends attend school, visit the zoo and socialize with each other on a regular basis.

Child Parent Psychotherapy


Family Support Services

This program supports individuals who desire to live independently.  Group Homes, and Extended Family Homes are excellent options for some, but do not fit the needs of everyone.  Many individuals can live on their own with just a little support.  Our Opportunities program is the answer in cases like this. Opportunities' staff teach, guide and counsel individuals in all areas needed to maintain an independent lifestyle.  In some cases, this may mean teaching how to cook, keeping the living space clean, taking medications regularly and correctly, healthy living skills, help getting to and from work, and other lessons.  Individuality is a hallmark of this program.  No one is forced to do anything. Our staff works with each individual to determine their goals. 

Child Parent Psychotherapy

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