Educational Center

Home of the Lions

Youth placed in our group homes can continue their education and remain enrolled in their home school district.  By remaining in their home school, youth do not run the risk of losing credits nor remain behind in credits as a result of being placed in our program.  

Some of the benefits to our educational center are:

  • 4X more likely to graduate

  • The ability to gain 2-3 grades in as little as 3 months

  • Smaller student to teacher ratio and more personalized academic time.  

  • Better academic relationships with school officials and teachers which research says highly linked to academic progress

  • Decrease in criminogenic factors and increase in protective skills to reduce recidivism

  • Receive partial credit to maximize time in the program

  • Easier transition back to home school with the maximum amount of credits

Contact school personnel

Tanya Wright Martin -- School Administrator

Jim Mertz -- School Teacher and Counselor

Susie Mertz - School Para

Camille Metoyer Moten -- School Liaison

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