Finding A Fulfilling Career at Youth Care & Beyond


Youth Care & Beyond provides hope and care by supporting choices that bring more freedom and independence. We work with families, guardians, parents and individuals in completing their goals and find lasting healthy relationships. If you desire to be a positive influence, mentor and help an individual enjoy a more fulfilling life, employment at Youth Care & Beyond may be perfect for you. In addition to fulfilling employment, Youth Care & Beyond offers competitive benefits and fully paid training.

Open Positions:

Group Home Program

Adult Program

In Home Program

Reserve Care Staff position is a new position where you have the opportunity to work in all three programs and find the one you like best.   

How to Apply:

We would love to talk to you about a career at Youth Care and Beyond, offer you a tour, and discuss more about how we make a difference every day. If interested in learning more and applying for a position please contact our office or click to apply online.

Benefits for Our Team Members:


  • Competitive salary (many positions starting at $12.50 an hour)

  • Assistance securing medical coverage

  • Paid Training

  • Paid Vacation and Personal Time

  • 401K Plan with 100% match for the first 5%

  • 1-1/2 time paid on holidays work for hourly staff

  • Career growth opportunities

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"I feel blessed to work at Youth Care & Beyond. I work with a team of passionate, empathetic coworkers who desire to make a difference in the lives of all our clients past and present.  Watching a child come out of their shell or seeing a 40 year old woman with developmental disabilities get her own first apartment is inspiration to work harder every day because you know what you are doing truly matters in people’s lives."
"I work at Youth Care & Beyond because it is not a job for me, it is a ministry! When our clients come to us, they maybe, broken, lost and defeated and when they leave us they are healed, goal oriented and successful young men and women."
"I enjoy working with teens and young adults. I have worked in pediatrics for over 40 years, and it is always a challenge! And the staff are all very involved with the clients."

Judy Rosenthal

Registered Nurse

"We love our work with teens. We believe in them and desire to help guide, provide for and care for them. We are committed to help the young girls in our care become strong, beautiful and powerful women."

Derek Moore

Chief Operations Officer

Tracey Lynn Pearson, MSW   Executive Director

What Our Team Members Have to Say:


"I am passionate about helping restore people and families to a state of peace. There is so much joy in helping a person or family achieve goals, independence and the freedom that should be available to us all. It is what I am called to do. I am so honored to serve at Youth Care & Beyond. I know each and every client and I treat every individual as my own family."

Katie Kiper

Chief Financial Officer

Felicia Ellis

Program Resource Director

"I work here because I enjoy working with children and seeing children succeed when everyone else thinks they will fail.  Children are relentless, they just need a chance to prove themselves."
"I have worked in several different positions at Youth Care & Beyond. Each one came with its own unique sets of challenges and rewards. They all have one common theme, helping others. Working here has given me a richer and fuller life by allowing me to help mold the youth in our program. Some of them, reach achievements that no one thought they could."

Julius Boatwright

Education Specialist

Joshua and Jessica Crum

Girls Home Coordinators

"I started my professional career working with grade school children and I loved helping them discover/ reach their potential. I discovered that years later that I would have that same opportunity to work with adults who had developmental disabilities discover/ reach their potential."

Lanette Moore

TRUST Program  Director

I have a PERSONAL goal and it's to help change the statistics of youth in jail. People always ask me why I work with "bad kids" and tell me the only good place for them is "jail!" I do what I do so that way I can teach to the youth, and correct any behavior that is not deemed appropriate within our society so that way when they walk into your store, restaurant, or place of employment they act like fine young men and women!  We correct negative behaviors so the youth in our care learn and so these "bad kids" won't end up in Jail.  Our youth end up being your boss!!

Brittney Scheer

Boys Home Director