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Youth Care & Beyond serves hundreds of children, youth, and families each year since 1980. Youth Care & Beyond provides a spectrum of services in Douglas & Sarpy Counties.  Youth Care & Beyond provides in-home services, including foster care, visitation, and parenting services. In addition, we offer community-based family and individual services through the department of developmental disabilities.

Our Approach

Our approach is person-centered care is tailored to your needs. This means our service is centered on you and your family. You are unique and we focus our efforts on understanding your individual goals, strengths, barriers and needs. Our understanding of your personal history, culture, spirituality, aspirations, risk factors, and your living situation is crucial to your health and wellness.

Mission Statement

Transforming the lives of children, adults, and families impacted by mental health, trauma, and intellectual disabilities.  Our goal is to change problematic and systematic behaviors and thinking to provide a positive outcome for individuals, families, and communities

Core Values

Every employee makes a promise to maintain and upkeep or four core values: respect, compassion, integrity and well-being.  It is the goal that each person, family served feels individually important and cared for.  

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