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Colin displayed serious physical aggression

toward others and refused to go anywhere

except to school. With the support of Youth Care

& Beyond, Colin's episodes of physical

aggression decreased dramatically. Colin

improved from Eboni's first visit with us. Staff

understood and recognized his stress and

trauma and created appropriate plans.  Youth

Care & Beyond gained Colin's trust and

confidence with their knowledge and

understanding of different features of autism

and using approaches and techniques to

engage with him in a way that he did not feel

threatened but rather wanted to interact with



During this time the staff were teaching and guiding me [Colin’s grandmother] on how to approach Colin and how to respond and react to his negative behaviors. They gave me the confidence to use firmness and become "parent-like." They also demonstrated maneuvers that I could use to protect myself and that would prevent Colin from hurting himself or me when he became physically aggressive.


By the time Colin started school his verbal and physical aggressiveness had decreased markedly. Colin has made dramatic improvement in school. He participates in the general classroom on average 40% of the time; his on task/positive behavior ranges from 99.2% to 100% each week.  

Colin's Story

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