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The Jones' Family Support Story

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Shawn (4) and Charles (7) were placed with their

older sister in foster care.  They are both autistic

with extreme behaviors that were very difficult to

manage. Charles was non verbal, he would make

animal sounds, climb on furniture and not listen to

instruction.  Shawn only spoke in one word phrases

and had lots of aggressive behavior.  He would

often be found clinching his fists and crying in



Our services began providing parent

coaching services to their mother.  She was

assigned to Youth Care & Beyond after her children

were removed for drug use and neglect.  In addition,

she was struggling physically and later died while

the boys were in care.  This hit the boys very hard, and their challenging behavior increased making placement with their sister more difficult.  During this process their biological dad was released from prison for drug related charges. 


Youth Care & Beyond began parenting and visitation services with dad.  We worked with this family for a full year.  We worked hands on with the boys and the dad.  We worked with the father on child development and autistic behaviors.  We taught parenting skills and over time their father Leon reduced his yelling, offered quality play time and rewards, slowed his speech and over time the behaviors became manageable.  Leon was coached on monitoring behaviors and looking for triggers for behavior change as how the boys communicate.  Leon successfully toileted the 4 year old and helped to increase their communication to using words and sentences.   In addition, with help Leon found and maintained a job, purchased a car with savings and a home for the family.  Six months after our services have ended the family continues to do well.  He checks in with his family partner every holiday, not because he has too, but because she was an instrumental part of healing his family. 

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