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  • Tracey Pearson

Reflecting on Thankfulness

Well 2020 is nearing an end and as we head into this holiday season, I am reminded that through all our challenges over the past year, we still have a lot to be thankful for. Because of the kindness of our donors we were able to continue to provide services to our youths and families this year. Students enrolled in our schools were still able to grow and achieve even amidst all of the changes and anxieties the last months have brought. While Youth Care and Beyond has undergone a lot of structural changes this year, including the closure of our girls home due to enrollment and reimbursement issues, we have still done a tremendous amount of good. As we head into this season of giving, I am thankful to all our donors and supporters who have helped us in 2020 even as they have faced unprecedented difficulties themselves this year. There are still ways to give via monetary donation or through our wishlist of essential items on Amazon and please know, we appreciate all that you have done and continue to do to support us. I hope your holidays are filled with much joy and laughter and I send you all a large, virtual hug this year.


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