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  • Tracey Pearson

Thinking on the year ahead

The team and I have been thinking hard over the past month about our organizational goals for the next year. I must admit, the past year was quite tumultuous between learning how to provide care during a pandemic, to coming to the realization that our girls home would need to close permanently -- it has left us on new, unfamiliar ground as we launch into 2021. That being said, I am confident we will succeed in the year ahead and continue to learn and grow as an organization as we strive to provide effective services while keeping our clients and our staff safe during the ongoing pandemic. I am hopeful for the next year on so many levels. Our school continues to excel, the growth and development I witness on a daily basis with our kids is truly astounding and inspirational, and this gives me hope. The skill sets we develop in individuals and with our families to help them recover from trauma and learn how to communicate and cope gives me hope. And our ability as an organization to remain fiscally responsible so that we can grow our programs gives me hope. For all these reasons, I am looking forward to the year ahead. While I recognize there will continue to be challenges, at least for the foreseeable future as we navigate this pandemic, I remind myself daily to stay hopeful and to focus on all the good we are doing and will continue to do throughout the next year.

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