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We can’t do what we dowithout our awesome employees and contractors.


Tracey Pearson, MSW, LIMHP

Chief Executive Officer


Katie Kiper, BS

Chief Financial Officer

I handle all finances including employee pay and benefits, maintenance of facilities and resources, contracts and service payments for those served, and budgeting for the agency.

Pastor Derek Moore

Chief Operations Officer

I supervise each of the programs and specific service goals for each person served.  I manage all employees and assist in training employees and communicating with agencies, courts, guardians, etc.

Chloe McManis

Executive Services Facilitator

I facilitate administrative services for the agency.  There is lots of variety in my position including employee records, assisting with financial details, coordinate client data and admissions for all programs.

Our employees and contractors play an important part of our mission.  You embody what we do and become the face of Youth Care & Beyond.  You are how we complete our mission.  


No matter what part of our agency you work, you are a part of helping the most vulnerable with the greatest need.  We are honored to have the opportunity help children, families, adults and our community. 


The following staff work administratively with all our programs. 

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